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About my Custom Guitars: You are in the right place to create your perfect one-of-a-kind guitar. I love to build guitars, it’s my passion and I understand and respect the relationship between you and your music. Let me help you to design the the very best instrument for your needs, your desires and your pocket.


When you opt for a custom build with me it’s a partnership, an investment in yourself and your music. Together we set the best design, use the right woods to bring out the perfect sounds and tones, carve the right shapes for your hands and your body, customizing every part and setting the musical and personal tone that reflect your dream instrument.

The Best Part…
The best part for me is the final tuning, when you hear the first chord. Your fingers are in place on the neck and your thumb moves across the sound hole. The personality of your guitar is revealed to you at that moment. As your hands gain confidence with their play your guitar grows and expands uniting it and you, perfectly. That part is awesome.

Things to Consider…

Your Woods…
Take a look at the Wood Selection page to see what we have in our workshop. Style, look, finish, resonance, sound and price all factor into your decision.

Your Inlay…
Inlays define your instrument, they give it a clear identity and have lots of practical uses too. Take a look at the Inlay page to get some ideas.

Your Electronics…
Joe Young Guitars are fitted with hand wound custom pickups made by Mike Smyth of MJS Custom Pickups Mike Smyth has a gift and when you choose his pickups, so does your guitar. If this does not suit you (and I can’t convince you) let me know and I can source and install your preferred pick up.

The Evertune Bridge has revolutionized guitar tuning, this distinctive system keeps your guitar in tune no matter how often you play.

Your Repairs/Restorations
Most guitars that are played often will likely, eventually, need a little tweaking or some help. My instruments can be returned to me for repair with little, nominal or no charge dependent on the issue. We are ready and able to look after other guitars and repair them in the shop. You may have a guitar that needs some professional attention and restoration. We can help you with this too. Each instrument has different needs and therefore a consultation is important so you get the right and best advice. Take a look at the Repair & Restore page for more information.

As the only Canadian Installer I invite you to follow the Evertune link and see for yourself why this intelligent yet old school, mechanical invention is directing the future of stringed instruments.

BEGIN AT $4200.00
-Top…AA or AAA Sitka Englemann or Adirondack spruce, or red cedar 
-Back & sides in mahogany or east indian rosewood 
-1/3/5 piece neck -Fretboard
-12-14 frets 
-Custom neck size 
-Choice of standard, tapered or straight headstock 
-Bone compensated sadle & nut 
-Binding and purfling 
-Chrome 510 Gotoh tuning pegs 
-One regular inlay on the headstock 
-Fretboard dots in mother of pearl 
-Exotic wood rosette
-Standard strings 
-Oil finish

-Solid or chambered body in standard hard or soft woods 
-2-5 piece laminate neck 
-Ebony or East Indian Rosewood fretboard 
-Headstock -Gotoh 510 tuning pegs 
-Strings -Oil finish

Questions: on Woods, Inlays, Electronics, shipping and other custom features, contact me:
Joe Young. 250 947 5617 / [email protected]

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Joe Young: [email protected]
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In Vancouver:
Kevin: [email protected]

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