Evertune Bridge


This bridge never goes out of tune…
Imagine keeping your strings in tune until you wish to change them.

I was introduced to this revolutionary bridge in early 2011, it changed how I thought about sound and tone and has made playing in perfect tune and intonation a consistent theme. It never goes out of tune.

It is an awesome invention, a quantum leap in technology that allows the musician to play without focusing on fixing the tuning. Keeping your strings in tune is so easy.

I am currently the only Canadian installer and look forward to installing a bridge that never goes out of tune on your current guitars or including this option with your custom build.

If you have a guitar that needs some repair or restoration this is the perfect time to add an Evertune Bridge. A customer recently sent me an ’64 tele for an Evertune Bridge installation. During the installation I was able to tweak it a little, raise the frets and tighten the nut. The guitar that I returned to him renewed his passion for playing and with strings that never go out of tune he can pick it up anytime and just start to play.

If you would like an Evertune Bridge added to your guitar/s or have this form the basis of your custom electric and never have to tune your guitar again, contact me for more information.

An installation on your existing guitar starts at $575.00 or add this to the cost of your custom build.

These pictures are of my ‘Evolution’ guitar, shown at the Montreal Guitar Show in 2011 and the National Association of Music Merchants… NAMM in 2012.




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