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Where local and international product verification programes are available we adhere to systems that ensure our inventory meets legal criteria for import and usage. We are highly sensitive to the need to develop, check and license lumber and other products used in this industry. We consciously respect this resource, we actively seek fair trade business for all our guitar paraphernalia.

Choosing the right wood for your custom guitar can take time, it should take time. I have a good eye for the best part from a tree or log or cut and I have a great ear for sound and tone. The wood I keep in stock is high quality and often the best of the best. I have long and trusting relationships with suppliers so if there is something you specifically like I will happily arrange delivery for you.

Contact me, come and take a look for yourself and we’ll do our best to show or jpeg a perfect picture of the pieces you see. We can arrange for wood to be sent to you so you can see it for yourself before it is transformed.

Wood…In Stock. Back and Sides
I chose not to have photos of my inventory on my site. It is almost impossible to do the wood justice this way. Search for a picture on line, I’ll bet I have a piece as good or better than the one you see.

Blackwood • Tasmanian • Cedar-Spanish. Curly. Yellow • Ebony- Mun. Macassar. Gaboon • Holly • Katalox-Figured • Koa • Mahogany- Honduran. Curly • Makore • Curly Maple • Birds Eye • Quarter Sawn Plain Hard Osage • Orange • Ovangkol • Padauk • Rosewood • Brazilian. East Indian. Khampi. Pau. Sapele • Ribbon. •
• Pomelle Tulip Walnut • Claro Yew Ziricote

Wood… In stock. Tops
Tops AA and AAA • Spruce-Sitka, Englemann • Cedar-Red

Questions: on Woods and other custom features, contact me:
Joe Young. 250 947 5617 / [email protected]





Joe Young: [email protected]
On Vancouver Island
In Vancouver:
Kevin: [email protected]

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